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It has fundamentally changed our understanding of space, making important discoveries about black holes, the expansion of the universe, and the age of the cosmos. Multiple missions have upgraded, repaired, and replaced systems on the telescope. The IMAX: Hubble documentary—narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio—looks at these missions in more detail, As you might expect, this space documentary is packed with awe-inspiring footage. British scientist Stephen Hawking may not be with us any longer, but he has cemented his position as one of the greatest astrophysicists to have ever lived.

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This three-part documentary—which was first aired in —looks at aliens, time travel, and the story of the universe. As a bonus, Benedict Cumberbatch helps with narration. After spending much of the last 40 years traveling at an incredible 40, miles per hour, it is now As such, it is comfortably the most distant man-made object from Earth.

Apollo 11 is another of the best documentaries about space.

Netflix’s The Family documentary series is leaving viewers ‘stunned’ and ‘f****d up’

Much of the footage had never been previously seen by the public. If you want further evidence of how good this space documentary is, look no further than the notoriously harsh Rotten Tomatoes website. The film currently has a 99 percent score from critics. There are currently seven series and counting. Many people love watching documentaries on the subject of aliens. It features interviews with the scientific community, alleged eyewitnesses, high-ranking military personnel, and senior government officials.

Everyone knows that Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. The name of the last man, however, is less well-known. That person is Gene Cernan. He was the last astronaut to get back inside the Lunar Module after the Apollo 17 mission in The Last Man on the Moon looks at the career of Cernan, along with the other 10 astronauts who stepped onto the lunar surface after Apollo 11 but whose names the public has largely forgotten.

Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey is another brilliant show about space. The new production was a critical success. It also picked up the Peabody for excellence in documentary filmmaking. While there are some brilliant astronomy documentaries out there, we have chosen something a little different for our list. But did you know that she sustained burns so intense she had to undergo hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of surgery and receive skin grafts?

Did you know she wasn't even driving? This story is a portrait of the agenda behind tort reform and the perception of "frivolous" lawsuits. Watch it.

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In that sense it's basically the antithesis of the Fyre Festival documentary. I highly recommend checking out the Westminster Dog Show episode, just to get a sense of how eerily accurate Christopher Guest's mockumentary Best in Show really was. Volume 6 is now available on Netflix, so it might be time for you to finally check this one out. This docuseries on the culinary arts is pure visual poetry. Every episode tells the story of a different world-renowned chef.

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As a generally stoic person, I've cried maybe three times over a movie or TV show in my entire life. The first episode of Chef's Table, which tells the love story of Massimo Bottura and his wife, had me sobbing on my couch. Make of that what you will. When Making a Murderer first premiered about three years ago, it put Netflix docuseries on the map. Like most gripping true-crime stories, there's been an endless internet debate over the murder of Teresa Halbach.

Is Steven Avery, the man convicted of her murder, innocent or did he actually kill her? Was he framed? Metacritic score: In this docuseries, journalist David Farrier tackles "dark tourism," which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: tourists who visit deadly, tragic or violent sites. In the first episode, Farrier spends time with Pablo Escobar's own hitman and Farrier voices his own moral conflict between finding the murderer charming and reprehensible.

I don't love true crime enough to build my holiday itinerary around a serial killer, but I'm fascinated by the people who actually would.

Netflix brings us three new episodes of this true-crime docuseries, which first premiered in The series follows the trial of Michael Peterson, an author accused of murdering his wife Kathleen, after she was found dead at the bottom of their home's staircase. After binging the entire 13 episodes and reading up on numerous theories, I still have absolutely no idea if Michael Peterson is guilty, innocent or framed by an owl.

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But as a true-crime fanatic, I'm obsessed with this case. Jump on the hype train!

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Calling all true-crime fans! Netflix has blessed us with another mind-boggling docuseries. This docuseries dives into the pizza bomber case, where a pizza delivery driver was forced to rob a bank while wearing a collar bomb. A big sensitivity warning: You'll see someone blown up in the first 10 minutes. So I highly recommend you put any kids to bed before binging this four-part series in one sitting. The show is just so fantastically fun to watch. Even the way the He-Man and Barbie teams from Mattel talk about each other across both episodes was delightful.

Trust me, you should take a few hours out of your day to watch this docuseries and just feel like a kid again. My sincerest apologies, because Dirty Money is definitely not a feel-good docuseries. It'll probably fill you with rage. But I'm recommending it anyway, because damned if it's not informative. The show focuses on corrupt corporations. It had me asking important questions like "how on earth did they get away with that?