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The strong and lucky connection between Jupiter and Mars in your money zone inspires new ways to earn cash. Links with the fashion business that blend glamour with hard graft are a source of new friendships. Introduce daring ideas to a partner gradually. As Mercury continues its erratic path through your values chart, people behave uncharacteristically.

Getting the facts for yourself rather than secondhand helps you come across as well-informed and ready to show what you can do.

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When you focus on enjoying love rather than analysing a partner, you give a relationship its best chance of lasting. The moon gives you an almost spooky love power and you can get someone special to call just by thinking of them. February 19 to March 20 When you decide to expect the best of a partner and believe in your relationship, Venus, at the very top of your chart, will prove how special love can be. Those that are attached could get-to making a baby, while those that are single should be ready to mingle, with this prosperous planet ready to deliver his gifts.

Your sense of emotional or a literal sense of stability may have blossomed, and thankfully by December you should be able to take pleasure in your surroundings an influence that sees you into the new year, until January 6th. January 20th brings awareness to your presence, purpose and vitality, with potential realizations around your sense of self. Interestingly, your spiritual life may be about to become enriched, as the eclipses this year shift your attention to your innermost realms of healing and closure.

You could find you finally break a bad habit, or learn when enough is enough.


That healthy balance and sense of routine will be easier to work with as you know your limits — particularly around those you work with or the way you go about your day to day activities. February is your month to negotiate, date and relate, as awareness of others is heightened by the sun shining in your opposite sign, Aquarius.

Over the past eight years Uranus has been making its way through the area of your horoscope connected to overseas or long-distance places, and the spotlight shines on your adventurous streak in one final hurrah this year. It might be easy to acknowledge April 5th. This is also a month to get active in your community, with social activities and group work favoured.

May is a terrific time to be seen, and to affirm your goals for the path ahead. Network and be friendly, even if it does distract you from a new significant other! The overarching message of is embedded in June and July, as the stars encourage you to rest, and do some soul-searching. It's easy to be feel in control of your day today. The Emperor tarot card is ruled by the planet Mars, and signals your approach to the day as one where you get what you want.

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Libra, keep your head held high but with one foot on the ground. You can chase a dream, a love, or anything that catches your fancy but don't forget that life is one part hope and one part reality. Stay grounded just enough to know where to land when you're ready to settle down. Scorpio, you have leadership potential. Today, you may have a great connection with a boss or some other person in authority.

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You make a good impression being the way you are. Your ability to be the person others depends upon shines through. Sagittarius, should things change? Something important that has been in place may be up for discussion. It can be your vision vs.

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Challenging the status quo won't be easy, but perhaps it will be worth it. Capricorn, stand your ground and be strong. Focus on what you must get accomplished at this time so you are free and clear mentally to have fun and play when the week is done. Aquarius, you have skills and capacity to use those talents as you see fit, but it can only be you who decides if you are willing to do so or if you want to hold back. Pisces, choose an option.

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  • You may have some changes coming your way and if you aren't certain, then choose what feels best in the moment. Aria Gmitter, M. Follow Us.