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Life Path Number Calculator, Numerology Name Number Definitions, Free Life While Life Path Number is derived from our Date of Birth, and is considered.

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Sam Beasley is a successful entrepreneur and author who shares his experience of using thought as prayer in daily life. When you are empathic, When you are empathic Learn to use the power of pendulum healing with Joan Rose Staffen, psychic healer and author of the Books of Pendulum Healing.

Do you want to explore the ancient, innate Please join East West's new crystal buyer and Tarot reader, Shaun Rose, in this monthly interactive workshop on spiritually connecting with crystals to support your own healing and personal growth Empaths have so much to offer as healers, creatives, friends, lovers, and innovators at work.

Yet highly Imagine holding deep, meaningful wisdom at your fingertips. Picture yourself with the skills and knowledge to gain answers and access intuitive information at any time.

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The Tarot is a powerful Learn a simple, elegant and effective holistic mindfulness technique designed to be utilized in any moment of your life to directly support your desired and goals. This workshop will Vinette Zabriskie presents the Emotion Code Workshop to help you identify then release trapped emotions for more optimal health and wellbeing.

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The Emotion Code is a very powerful yet Allow the sounds of the seven metal singing bowls to resound your inner strength, courage and resolve as we head into Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Join Maria Ayanna as Can there truly be peace on Earth or are human beings essentially selfish and inflexible? Is utopia possible or is it just a fantastic pipe dream?

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After celebrating 50 years Join Mimi Pettibone for an evening presentation and discussion of how to ask for, and receive, Divine guidance to support us in all areas of life including love, health, finances, Intuitive, energetic and mediumistic readings and healings, or Akashic Record readings of your soul's journey with Robin White Turtle Lysne, Ph.

Step into more love as your Authentic Nature through Looking for something to inspire your daily spiritual practice? Learn how to talk with the Mother Earth, and listen to the actions she needs us to take. Learn how Shamanism can help us stay connected. Listen, do you hear In this workshop, we will Journey through drumming and travel to a place where we can meet Author, energy therapist, past life reader Lotus Prana Zheng will do a book signing.

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Lotus Zheng is a Seattle based energy therapist, author and past life reader. She is the Join us for a relaxed networking and learning lunch where we gather to share great ideas and even greater company. Not exactly like the Bible but it is close enough and the Skywalkers are without a doubt a representation of Jesus the Christ and at times the anti-christ but that is another story for another day. Rey is a Skywalker.. How Scorpio tells the story of Kylo's transformation back to Ben Solo Scorpio is associated with three different animals: the scorpion , the snake, and the eagle or phoenix.

Almost all versions of the Death card show a symbol of resurrection or re-birth. This could be the rising sun, an egg, or a sapling sprouting from the body of a dead man. All these symbols show that to progress in life, our old form must die, just as a snake sheds its old skin to reveal a shiny new one. This is the message of the card: Death must be conquered by the regeneration of the soul, and he who knows this shall live forever.

Kylo's original Topps Card was He holds the head of the snake in his left hand and its tail in his right hand. The snake is represented by a separate constellation, Serpens.

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Serpens is unique in being divided into two halves. Ezekiel 1 verse The Eagles Talon's leaves a scar as a sign of resurrection.. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is another great example and shares many motifs with Kylo. Harry meets Dumbledore at King's cross station The Phoenix is the transformational symbol of Scorpio. Like the Eagle, in ancient times the Phoenix was a symbol of the Sun that was said to live for years.

At the end of its life it built a funeral pyre and burned in the flames, only to regenerate its progeny from those very flames. Kylo, will transcendence from the crawling scorpion to the soaring eagle, still predatory, still conveying the essence of patience and penetration, but capable of flight and height, brings together the theme of destruction and renewal as a story of evolution. O grave, where is thy victory? Spacebaby out I am off to Sunrise service In essence trying to repress Loki.

Men traditionally say when get married that they are getting tied down and binding forms a major part of marriage ceremonies ie bride and groom hands being tied together for instance. And this might be what causes the truce between the resistance and first order and those firework displays we saw in the desert when they were filming in November.

It sounds very fan fiction I know but am up for anything now lol! It is a legends story though but very interesting. AhsokaTano wrote: spacebaby This is super interesting about Loki being bound by 3 beings his 2 sons and a third skathi who maybe a goddess of hunting , winter etc - she has a bow and arrow - Jannah??? I notice that Sagitarrus is pointing directly at Scorpio And we know that Kylo is Scorpio I wonder if it is Jannah that will shoot Kylo..

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Lawd I hope not. He is the centaur figure just like Jannah is in this. In the end he stabs the beast with a knife. We all know how that story turns out. The beast Loki is killed but Prince Adam lives and is revived. However I believe Ben will live and this is where Rey comes in and heals Ben.

Beauty and the beast. I remain positive this is gonna happen. I was going to post this later but someone has pointed out something on Reddit just now which is relevant to reylo and how it all pans out so am going to write this now. About the twin suns.

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You know how you asked about why finn was the watch dog? His role is like Heimdell I guess too in marvel and Norse mythology in that he guards the rainbow bridge bifrost into Asgard. He is the protector of the sacred. I wonder what this will mean for Finn in Rise of Skywalker? There is an ancient African tribe from Mali -the dogon that believe we came from there. See items below. Reylo is destiny.

Like a king but more of a prime minister type role am just thinking of British history here like a head of state in the absence of the king and Queen. Only this would be in Star Wars galaxy wherever that is- underworld or not. Ok so I found some more info regarding Sirius and possible fate for Rey and Kylo. Sirius A then remained blue , Sirius B was a red giant but collapsed to a white dwarf after it shed its outer layers like a snake shedding its skin - ie kylo becoming Ben. The colours in Star Wars are deliberate.

Sirius A is definitely Rey , Sirius B is kylo. Is this another form of foreshadowing only in TROS it will be Rey taking it one step further by rescuing Ben from death? So what does this mean in terms of Rey and Kylo? Maybe they are going to die together nailed to a force tree as both kings They are both associated with alpha animals - cats ie lions and dogs ie wolves through the constellations of Leo and Sirius.

And their dying leads to life and peace just like in Romeo and Juliet where their deaths lead to truce and peace. Or maybe it means there will be death and destruction caused by both sides which kylo and Rey represent but they will come to a truce and new beginnings - either they will come to terms about this or maybe a child created will coerce them into this? So question is is Star Wars going to go down the Christian route of making the cross something sorrowful?