9 november sign horoscope

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Mercury stays in Aries until May 6, and at this time we can get a lot done. Easter always occurs on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the equinox—and Passover always begins on the night of that same full moon.

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While these religious holidays happen in sync with full moons, this year they align precisely with the same full moon on Easter weekend. Like Passover, which celebrates liberation from freedom, and Easter, which commemorates rebirth, tap into the power of this full moon to rise in your own life. How apropos for these holidays that celebrate eternal luminosity!

Sun enters Scorpio

What becomes possible if you give up the fight? Come Saturday, the sun enters into Taurus, while Venus moves into Aries, heralding another massive cosmic switch-up. The sun in Taurus asks you to nourish and nurture yourself in a way that feels exceptionally good to you.

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The Full Moon in Libra Calls for a Balanced Approach

These are the immune-boosting supplements to take as the seasons change, according to a nutritionist. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Youtube Instagram. The companionship you seek can often give you solace and security. Your sense of social justice is heightened, and this could lead you into activism, law or politics. You have mental discipline when you find activities that match your high ideals.

You commit to artful projects, making it possible to live your dreams by seeing them to completion. Saturn is about hard work, and you put in character-building effort to bring beauty and harmony to your world.

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If you are receptive, reliable, tactful and organized in your profession, you can achieve great status and wealth. You suffer when you see what is out of balance. With Libra in Saturn, chaos, crassness, and ugliness can cause you a lot of anxiety and fear. And in your persistent quest to right wrongs and bring your life into equilibrium, you may be frustrated with those that do not see things the same way.

It may be hard to accept that you are only able to control yourself.

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  • The good news is that you can release that pressure and meanwhile cultivate personal serenity and balance within. Updated December 24, Continue Reading.

    Libra Ascendent - The Agent (Natal Libra Rising)

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