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Event description. Description The time of the full moon is very important for the reception and distribution of spiritual energy and this is especially the case with Transmission Meditation. Read more Read less. Share with friends. Map and Directions View Map. Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you're interested in.

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Already have an account? Log in. Event Saved. Your message has been sent. Your email will only be seen by the event organiser. Your Name. We are in the middle of the transit of the Libra Sun. The focus is on balance, harmony and justice. Look to where there is an imbalance in your life and take steps to consciously correct it. Speak out if you see injustice in the workplace or in the world around you. The headlining news this week is the Fall Equinox, which is exact on Monday morning for those in North America. This is a time when the Earth is in perfect balance.

It must gallop towards a horizon, no matter how far off, far reaching, or far-fetched, scoffing at naysayers along the way. This new moon encourages us to act on our intuitive wisdom, developing a connection to it as we go. With this new moon, we have the ability to forge ahead with what seemed formerly impossible, inconceivable, or unreachable.

This is both a strange and sweet connection. Strange because Mars is the planet of direct, decisive action and Neptune is anything but straightforward. The mists of Avalon have nothing on this planet.

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The usual hard-time Mercury has in Sagittarius is negated by the blessing of being with its current ruler, Jupiter. Mercury makes grand plans but also has the energy and enthusiasm to get them done. Operating on faith alone can be risky business, but Mercury will have us doing so for a spell. See what believing in yourself and encouraging your best efforts can get done. Venus and Saturn team up to remind us that productive partnerships inspire our maturity. Commitments that are correct for us inspire something integral to our becoming.

Bond with those that make you want to show up as all you can be. Mars and Pluto, as a duo, deepen our drive. These two encourage us to believe in our power so that we might make happen what would otherwise seem impossible. These two are incredibly persuasive, encouraging us to make the most of what we have while working it any way we can. As the sun and Uranus team up, they help us find ways to be triumphant in our ability to define ourselves for ourselves.

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Being true to you is nothing short of revolutionary and as you do, you inspire others around you to do the same. This chain reaction helps us all to think outside the box, finding creative solutions to our most intense problems. Today, both Venus and Mercury help to celebrate the solstice the right way. Venus and Neptune in a trine to one another are an ideal love affair. This epic duo deems the heart a holy place to build from. Your fantasies are more than likely to reveal their truth today. For the second time in the past month, Mercury and Jupiter meet in Sagittarius the first was November 27th.

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This combination is incredulous to despair and demands only the most enthusiastic of ideas to come forth. Great for pep talks and party plans, the astrology of this solstice is adding up to nothing short of sensational. Celebrated as the rebirth of the sun, the Winter Solstice is a time where many of our ancestors preformed rituals of welcoming it back.

This is just as psychological a process as it is a spiritual or seasonal one. The act of calling back the light is one where we ask to have our conscious awareness awakened. What are you working on becoming more conscious of? Use the solstice to plant the seed of that intention. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice is arriving.

The days are the longest and the nights the shortest.

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To celebrate this season is to revel in the triumph of light, warmth and the abundance of the earth. It is also to appreciate the oncoming darkness from here on out. Everything in nature is balanced and celebrating its rhythms reminds us to do the same. Your new moon horoscopes are meant to be read as an affirmation. Please reword as you need to.

If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, we really appreciate it and you! I know that my life is made abundant by the blessings I choose to focus on. I know that blessings overlooked have little power compared to the ones amplified, lifted up, and given a place on the mantle of my life.

I look back on my life and I refuse to feel anything but compassion for all I have struggled with. I have gratitude for all I have been given, and love for the paths I have had the good fortune of treading. I sit downstream from fortune. I take the actions that activate my potential. I move confidently towards a future that feels me. Being able to listen, attuning my inner ear, and aligning my decisions with my gut instincts is the marker of my growth.

If I have good friends who are willing to challenge me to do better as much as they are willing to love me through the easy and the extreme, I am amongst the richest people on the planet. I promise myself that I will not spend a moment of wondering if I can do what I was put here to, wavering on whether I am worth it, or waffling on myself in any way, shape, or form.

Those that know how to expand their reach through joyful and generous connections to life. Those that create spaces where others can heal and help themselves. Those that know that giving is the only gold worth mining. The generosity that I receive from others is humbling.

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The generosity I relieve from others is healing. The generosity that I receive from others is the perfect counter to the hostility this world dolls out daily. I am in deep gratitude for all that I am given, everyday.

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  7. I know that I am growing through the collaborations that can energetically match me, challenge me, and cheer me on and up. Generating wealth means that I refuse to stay stuck.