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If the Sun is exalted or placed in an auspicious house of a person's horoscope he is bound to rise higher and higher in power and position. If obstacles are created against him by a person that person is bound to meet his doom. Much better results are proposed if the Sun is in conjunction with Mercury. The Sun gives adverse effects on the things associated with the house in which he is placed. Consequently in the 1st house he will create health problems for the native. In the 2nd house he will affect the family and its comforts absolutely adversely. The Sun in the 6th house will not prove good for the sisters and daughters of the native.

In the 7th he will face obstacles in the comforts of the wife. The Sun of the 8th house will save the native from death in critical situations. The Sun in the 9th house will destroy the comforts of the forefathers and perhaps deprive the native of their properties. In the 10th, the sun will affect the father adversely. The sun in the 11th increases and multiplies the income of the native manifold, if he does not augment the power of Saturn by consumption of liquor, meat and eggs. The Sun in the 12th house destroys the comforts of the night and sleep of the native.

The Sun will not be able to harm Venus when Sun is being aspected by Saturn because Saturn and Venus are great friends. On the contrary, if Saturn is being aspected by Sun, then the Sun will not be afraid of Saturn and he will destroy the Venus as both are natural enemies in the house where he is placed. Sun in 1st House If benefic, the native will be fond of constructing religious buildings and digging of wells for public purposes. He will have permanent source of livelihood- more from the government.

Money earned from honest sources will keep multiplying. He will believe only his eyes, not in what he hears. If malefic, the native's father may die in early childhood. Having sex in the day time will make the wife constantly ill and have infection of tuberculosis if Venus is placed in the 7th house.

Malefic Sun in the 1st house and Mars in the 5th house will cause the death of sons, one after the other. Similarly, the malefic Sun in the 1st house and Saturn in the 8th house will cause the death of wives, one after the other. If there is no planet in the 7th house the marriage before 24th year will prove lucky for the native, otherwise the 24th year of the native would prove highly disastrous for him. Remedial Measures: 1 Marry before 24th year of life.

Sun in 2nd house If benefic: 1 The native will be self-dependent, skilled in handiwork and would prove highly helpful to parents, maternal uncles, sisters, daughters and in-laws. If malefic: 1 The Sun will affect very adversely the things and relatives associated with the planets inimical to the Sun i. Disputes regarding wealth and property and wife will spoil the native. Remedial Measures : 1 Donate coconut, mustard oil and almonds to religious places of worship.

Sun in 3rd House If benefic: 1 The native will be rich, self-dependant and having younger brothers. If malefic: 1 If the Sun is not auspicious in the 3rd house and the Moon is also not auspicious in the horoscope, there will be daylight robbery or theft in the native's house. Remedial Measures : 1 Obtain blessings of the mother by keeping her happy. Sun in 4th House If benefic: 1 The native will be wise, kind and a good administrator. He will have constant source of income. He will leave a legacy of great riches for his off springs after death.

If malefic: 1 The native becomes greedy, inclined to commit theft and likes to harm others. This tendency ultimately produces very bad results. Remedial Measures : 1 Distribute alms and food to the needy people. Sun in 5th house If benefic: 1 The progress and prosperity of family and children will be assured. If the Mars is placed in the 1st or 8th house and Rahu, Ketu, Saturn are placed in 9th and 12th houses, the native will lead king's life.

If malefic: 1 If the Sun in the 5th is inauspicious and Jupiter is in 10th, the wife of the native will die and wives in subsequent marriages will also die 2 If the Sun in the 5th house is inauspicious and Saturn is placed in 3rd, sons of the native will die. Remedial Measures : 1 Do not delay in having a child. Sun in 6th House If benefic: 1 Native will be lucky, prone to anger, will have beautiful spouse and will benefit from that government. If malefic: 1 The native's son and maternal family will face bad times. Will also affect native health adversely. Remedial Measures: 1 Ancestral customs and ritu also should be strictly followed; otherwise the family progress and happiness will be destroyed.

Sun in 7th House If benefic: 1 If Jupiter, Mars or Moon are placed in the 2nd house, the native will occupy a ministerial position in the government. If malefic: 1 If the Sun is inauspicious in the 7th house and Jupiter, Venus or any malefic planet is placed in the 11th house and Mercury is malefic in any other house, the native will encounter the death of several members of his family together.

Remedial Measures: 1 Lessen the amount of salt intake. Sun in 8th House If benefic: 1 Government favours will accrue from the 22nd year of life. Nobody would be able to harm him. If malefic: 1 Mercury in the 2nd house will create economic crisis. Remedial Measures : 1 Never keep a white cloth in the house. Sun in 9th House If benefic: 1 Native will be lucky, good natured will have good family life and will always help others.

If malefic: 1 Native will be evil and troubled by his brothers. Remedial Measures : 1 Never accept articles of silver as gifts or donation. Donate silver articles frequently. Sun in 10th House If benefic: 1 Benefits and favours from government, good health and financially stronger. If malefic: 1 If Saturn is in the 4th house, the native's father will die in his childhood. Remedial Measures: 1 Never wear blue or black clothes.

Sun in 11th House If benefic: 1 If the native is vegetarian he will have three sons and will himself be head of the house and will get benefits from government. If malefic: 1 The Moon is in the 5th house and the Sun is not aspected by good planets, the will have a short life span.

Remedial Measures : 1 Abstain from meat and wine. Sun in 12th House If benefic: 1 If Ketu in the 2nd house the native will earn wealth after 24 years and will have good family life. If malefic: 1 Native will suffer from depression, financial loss from machineries and will be punished by the government. Remedial Measures : 1 Native should always have a courtyard in his house. Moon Effects and Remedies As explained in the preceding issue, the Sun is regarded as the generator of power that gives spirit and life to all planets, the Moon is considered to be the conductor of power lent by Sun and rules over the lives of the beings on this earth.

Sun represents individuality, whereas Moon shows one's personality. Moon governs over impregnation, conception, birth of a child and the animal instinct. She represents mother, mother's family, grandmother, old women, horse, navigation, agricultural land, Lord Shiva, love, kindness, mental peace, heart, services rendered for other's welfare and the 4th house.

The Moon's effect comes up in the 16th, 51st and 86th year of the native and similarly its 1st cycle falls in the 24th year, the 2nd in the 49th year and the 3rd cycle falls in the 94th year of the native. For her protection, the Moon sacrifices her friendly planets - Sun, Mars or Jupiter.

Moon is the Lord of 4th house, stands exalted in the 2nd house of Taurus and becomes debilitated in the 8th house of Scorpio. The Moon provides very good results if placed in houses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 whereas the 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th houses are bad for the Moon. The death of a domestic milch animal or a horse, drying up of a person's well or pond, the loss of the senses of touching and feeling are the signs of moon turning malefic.

The placement of the Ketu in the 4th house causes Matri Rina i. In such a situation pieces of silver of equal weight and size be collected from every member of the family and the same should be thrown together into the running water of a river. Consequently all the ill effects would be warded off. Moon in 1st House In general, the 1st house belongs to Mars and Sun. When the moon is also placed therein, this house will come under the combined influences of the Mars, the Sun and the Moon i. The Sun and Mars will extend all friendly support to their natural friend Moon placed on the throne i.

Such native will be soft-hearted and will inherit all the traits and qualities of his mother. He will be either the eldest brother or will certainly be treated so. As long as the native receives the blessings of his mother and keeps her happy, he will continue to rise and prosper in every way. The things and the relatives as represented by Mercury, who is inimical to Moon, will prove harmful to the native, e.

Hence it is better to keep away from them. Burning milk for making Khoya or selling milk for profit would reduce or minimize the power of the Moon placed in the 1st house, which means that the native's life and property would be destroyed if he engages himself in such activities. Such a native should serve others with water and milk freely for long life and all round prosperity. Such a native will get a life of about 90 years and will be bestowed with honours and fame by the Govt.

Remedies 1 Do not marry between the age of 24 and 27 years, i. Moon in 2nd House The results of the 2nd house, when Moon is placed therein, will be influenced by Jupiter, Venus and the Moon, because this is the Puckka Ghar, the permanent house of Jupiter and Venus is the lord of the second Rashi Taurus. The Moon gives very good results in this house, as it becomes very strong here because of the friendly support of Jupiter against Venus.

Such a native may not have sisters, but will certainly be having brothers. In case he doesn't have, his wife will certainly have brothers. He will certainly receive his due share in parental properties. Whatever be the planetary position otherwise, but the Moon here will ensure male offspring to the native. The native will receive good education, which will add to his fortune.

The Business associated with the things of the Moon will prove highly advantageous. He may be a reputed teacher also. The Ketu placed in the 12th house will cause eclipse of the Moon here, which will deprive the native either of good education or of male children. Remedies 1 Temple within the native's house may deprive the native of male issue. Moon in 3rd House The results of the 3rd house, when the Moon is placed therein, will be influenced by the Mars, Mercury and Moon.

Here the Moon proves highly beneficial to ensure a long life and great wealth or riches for the native. If there are no planets in the 9th and 11th houses, then Mars and Venus will give good results to the native because of the Moon being in the 3rd house. With the advancement of the native's education and learning, the economic condition of his father will deteriorate, but without affecting his education adversely.

If Ketu's placing in the horoscope is auspicious and not harming the Moon in the 3rd, the education of the native will bear good fruits and prove advantageous in every manner. If the Moon is malefic, it will cause great loss of wealth and money at the age of the malefic planet placed in the 9th house. Remedies 1 Offer in donation the things associated with the Moon, e. Moon in 4th House The results of the 4th house are the general product of the total influences of Moon, the lord of the 4th Rashi Cancer and the permanent resident of the 4th house.

Here the Moon becomes very strong and powerful in every manner. The use of, and association with the things represented by the Moon will prove highly beneficial to the native. Offer milk in place of water to the guests. Obtain blessings of your mother or the elderly women by touching their feet.

The 4th house is the river of income which will continue to increase expenditure. In other words, expenditure will augment income. The native will be a reputed and honoured person with soft heart and all sorts of riches. He will inherit all the traits and qualities of his mother and will face the problems of life boldly like a lion. He will receive honour and favours from the government along with riches and will provide peace and shelter to others.

Good education will be ensured for the native. If Jupiter is placed in the 6th house and Moon in the 4th, parental profession will suit him. If a person has mortgaged certain valuables to the native, he will never come back to demand it. If Moon be placed with 4 planets in the 4th house, the native will be economically very strong and wealthy. The male planets will help the native like sons and the female planets like daughters. Remedies 1 Selling of milk for profit and burning of milk for making Khoya, etc. Moon in 5th House The results of the 5th house, when the Moon is placed therein, will be influenced by the Sun, the Ketu and the Moon.

The native will adopt just and right means to earn wealth and will not yield to wrong doing. He may not do well in business but certainly receive favours and honours from the government. Anyone supported by him will win. The Moon in the 5th house will give 5 sons if the Ketu is well placed and benefic even if the Moon is joined by malefic planets.

By his education and learning the native will undertake several measures for others welfare, but the others will not do good to him. Further, the native will be destroyed if he becomes greedy and selfish. If he fails to keep his plans a secret, his own men will damage him seriously. Remedies 1 Keep control over your tongue. Never use abusive language to ward off troubles. Moon in 6th House This house is affected by the Mercury and Ketu. The Moon in this house will be affected by the planets placed in the 2nd, 8th, 12th and 4th houses. The native will receive education with obstacles and will have to struggle a lot for reaping the benefits of his educational achievements.

If the Moon is placed in the 6th, 2nd, 4th, 8th and 12th houses it is auspicious. The native would enliven a dying person by putting a few drops of water in his mouth. But if the Moon is malefic in the 6th house and Mercury is placed in the 2nd or 12th house, the native will have suicidal tendencies. Similarly, if the Moon is malefic and the Sun is placed in the 12th house, then the native or his wife or both will have severe eye defects and troubles.

Remedies 1 Serve milk to your father with your own hands. But intake of milk during day time and use of even curd and cheese during night is permissible. It can be given only at religious places of worship. Moon in 7th house The 7th house belongs to Venus and Mercury.

What is Lal Kitab?

When the Moon is placed here, the results of this house will be affected by the Venus, Mercury and Moon. Venus and Mercury combined together give the effects of the Sun. The 1st house aspects the 7th house. Consequently the rays of the Sun from the 1st house would be enlightening the Moon if placed in the 7th, which means that the things and the relatives represented by the Moon will provide highly beneficial and good results.

Educational achievements will prove fruitful for earning money or wealth. He may or may not have properties but will certainly have cash money in hand always. He will have good potential for being a poet or astrologer, or else he will be characterless and will have great love for mysticism and spiritualism. The 7th Moon also denotes conflict between the native's wife and mother, adverse effects in milk trade. Disobedience towards mother will cause overall tensions and troubles.

Remedies 1 Avoid marriage in the 24th year of your life. Moon in 8th House This house belongs to Mars and Saturn. The Moon here affects the education of the native adversely, but if education goes well the native's mother's life will be shortened and very often such a native loses both -education and the mother. However, the evil effects of the Moon in the 7th house will be mitigated if Jupiter and Saturn be placed in the 2nd house. The 7th Moon often deprives the native of his parental properties. If there is a well or pond adjacent to the parental property of the native, he will receive adverse results of the Moon all through his life.

Remedies 1 Avoid gambling and flirting. It will ward off all the evils generated by the Moon in the 7th house. Moon in 9th House The 9th house belongs to Jupiter, who is a great friend of the Moon. Hence the native will imbibe the traits and features of both these planets - good conduct, soft heartedness, religious bent of mind and love for virtuous acts and pilgrimage. He will live upto 75 years. A friendly planet in the 5th house will augment comforts and pleasures from the son and develops intense interest in religious deeds. A friendly planet in the 3rd house ensures great increase in money and wealth.

Remedies 1 Install the things associated with the Moon within the house, e. Moon in 10th House The 10th house is in every manner ruled by Saturn. This house is aspected by the 4th house, which is similarly ruled by Moon. Hence the Moon in the 10th house ensures a long life of about 90 years for the native. Moon and Saturn are inimical, therefore, medicines in liquid form will always prove harmful to him. The milk will act as poison if taken during night.

If he is a medical practitioner, dry medicines administered by him to the patient will have a magical effect for cure. If a surgeon, he will earn great wealth and fame for surgery. If the 2nd and 4th houses are empty money and wealth will rain on him. If Saturn is placed in the 1st house, the native's life will be destroyed by the opposite sex, especially a widow.

The things and business represented by Saturn will prove beneficial for the native. Remedies 1 Visits to religious places of worship will enhance the fortune of the native. It will wash off the poisons and evil effects generated by the Moon in the 10th house. Moon in 11th house This house is strongly influenced by Jupiter and Saturn. Every planet placed in this house will destroy its inimical planets and the things associated with them. In this way the Moon here will destroy its enemy Ketu's things, i. Here the Moon will have to face the combined power of its enemies Saturn and Ketu, which will weaken the Moon.

Now if Ketu is placed in the 4th house, the life of the native's mother will be endangered. The business associated with Mercury will also prove harmful. Starting house construction or purchase of a house on Saturdays will strengthen the Saturn the Moon's enemy which will prove disastrous for the native. Kanyadan after the midnight and participating in any marriage ceremony on Fridays will damage the fortunes of the native.

Remedies 1 Offer milk in Bhairo Mandir and donate milk to others liberally. Moon in 12th house This house belongs to Moon's friend Jupiter. Here the Moon will have good effects on Mars and the things associated with Mars, but it will harm its enemies Mercury and Ketu and the things associated with them.

Hence the business and things associated with the house in which Mars is placed will provide highly beneficial effects. Similarly, the business and things associated with the houses where Mercury and Ketu are placed will be strongly damaged. The Moon in the 12th houses causes a general fear in the native's mind about numerous unforeseen troubles and dangers and thus destroys his sleep and peace of mind. Ketu in the 4th house will become weak and affect the native's son and mother very adversely. Remedies 1 Wearing Gold in ears, drinking milk after inserting hot piece of gold in it and visiting religious places of worship will ward off the evils of the Moon in 12th house and also that of the Ketu in the 4th house.

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Mars Effects And Remedies Mars is a dry, red and fiery planet. Masculine by nature it signifies energy, both constructive and destructive depending upon his position as Mars positive and Mars negative. If Sun and Mercury are placed together in one house, Mars would be positive but if Saturn and Sun are placed in one house Mars becomes negative.

Mars acts on the extremes - either soft like a wax or hard like a stone. Rahu and Saturn are neutral to Mars. The first cycle of Mars runs between the ages 28 and 33, the 2nd between 63 and 68 years and the 3rd between 98 and years. The 1st and 8th houses are the own houses of Mars and he gets exalted in the 10th house of his debilitation. Mars acts as a malefic in the 4th and 8th houses, but he is benefic if placed in the 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12th houses. Mars is the signification of sex, brothers, land and property and rules over the animal instincts in man.

A benefic Mars offers self confidence, sharp wit, faculty of argumentation and adventurous spirit, strong determination and qualities of leadership in all human pursuits. On the contrary, a weak and afflicted Mars makes the native lose temper quickly, fool hardy, quarrelsome and brutal. Such a Mars makes the native a sexual pervert. Mars in 1st House Mars in the 1st house makes the native good natured, truthful and richer from the 28th year of age.

He wins favours from the government and victory against the enemies without much effort. He earns large profits from the business associated with Saturn i. Spontaneous curses from the mouth of such a native will never go waste. Association of Saturn with Mars provides physical trouble to the native. Remedies 1 Avoid the acceptance of things free of cost or in charity.

Avoid them. Mars in 2nd House The native with Mars in the 2nd house is generally the eldest issue of his parents, or else he or she would always like to be treated so. But living and behaving like a younger brother would prove highly beneficial and ward off several evils automatically. Mars in this house provides great wealth and properties from the inlaws' family.

Mars negative here makes the native a snake in disguise for others and causes his death in war or quarrels. Mars with Mercury in the 2nd house weakens the will power and undermines the importance of the native. Remedies 1 The business associated with Moon, e. Mars in 3rd House The 3rd house is affected by Mars and Mercury, who provide brothers and sisters to the native i. Others will be highly benefited from the native, but he will not be able to receive benefit from others. Humbleness will bring rewards.

In-laws will become richer and richer after the native's marriage. The native believes in the principle " eat, drink and be merry" and suffers from blood disorders. Remedies 1 Be soft hearted and avoid arrogance. Be good to brothers for prosperity. Mars in 4th House The 4th house is overall the property of Moon. The fire and heat of Mars in this house burns the cold water of Moon i. The native loses peace of mind and suffers from jealousy to others. He always misbehaves with his younger brothers. The native's evil mission gets strong destructive powers. Such a native affects the life of his mother, wife, mother-inlaw etc very adversely.

His anger becomes the cause of his overall destruction in various aspects of life. Remedies 1 Offer sweet milk to the roots of a banyan tree and put that wet soil on your navel. Mars in 5th House The 5th house belongs to the Sun, who is a natural friend of Mars. Hence Mars ensures very good results in this house. The sons of the native become instruments of wealth and fame for him. His prosperity increases manifold after the birth of sons. The things and relatives represented by Venus and Moon will prove beneficial in every manner.

Someone of his forefathers must have been a doctor or Vaidya. The prosperity of the native will continue to grow more and more with the growth in age. But romance and emotional affairs with the opposite sex will prove highly disastrous for the native, which will destroy his mental peace and night sleep too. Remedies 1 Maintain a good moral character. Mars in 6th House This house belongs to Mercury and Ketu.

Both are mutual enemies and inimical to Mars also. Hence Mars in this house will keep himself away from both. The native will be courageous, adventurous, lover of justice and powerful enough to set fire into water. He will be highly benefited by the trade and business associated with Mercury. His pen will wield more power than the sword. If Sun, Saturn and Mars are placed together in one house, the brothers, mother, sisters and wife will be affected very adversely. Remedies 1 Distribute salt in place of sweets on the birth of a male child.

But if he does not accept such things, the same should be thrown in water. Worship Ganeshji for parents' health and destruction of enemies. Mars in 7th House This house belongs to the influences of Venus and Mercury, who combined together provide the effect of Sun. If Mars is placed therein, the 7th house will be affected by Sun and Mars both, which ensures that the native's ambition will be fulfilled.

Wealth, property and family will increase. But if Mercury is also placed here along with Mars, very adverse results will follow regarding the things and relations represented by Mercury e. Hence it would be better to keep away from them. Remedies 1 Place solid piece of silver in the house for prosperity. Mars in 8th House The 8th house belongs to Mars and Saturn, who jointly influence the properties of this house.

No planet is considered good in this house. Mars here affects very adversely the younger brothers of the native. The native sticks to commitments made by him without caring for profit or loss. Remedies 1 Obtain blessings of widows and wear a silver chain. Mars in 9th House This house belongs to Jupiter, a friend of Mars.

Mars placed in this house will prove good in every manner to the native by virtue of the help and blessings of the elders. His brother's wife proves very fortunate for him. Generally he will have as many brothers as his father had. Living with brothers in a joint family will enhance all round happiness. The native will gain a highly prestigious administrative post upto the 28th year of his age. He may earn large profits in the trade of goods associated with warfare. Remedies 1 Obedience to elder brother.

Mars in 10th House This is the best position of Mars in a horoscope, the place of his exaltation. If the native is born in a poor family, his family will become rich and affluent after his birth. If he is born in a rich family, his family will grow richer and richer after his birth. If the native is the eldest brother he will gain a more distinct recognition and reputation in society. He will be bold, courageous, healthy and competent enough to set traditions, norms and rules in society.

However, if malefic planets Rahu, Ketu and Saturn or Venus and Moon are placed in the 2nd house, the aforesaid beneficial effects are reduced. Further if a friendly planet is placed in the 3rd house, it will also affect the results of Mars in the 10th house adversely. If Saturn is placed in the 3rd house, the native will gain huge wealth and large properties in the later part of his life along with a kingly position. Mars in the 10th house but no planet in the 5th house provides all round prosperity and happiness.

Remedies 1 Do not sell ancestral property and gold of the house. Mars in 11th House Mars gives good results in this house, because this house is influenced by Jupiter and Saturn. If Jupiter is in exalted position, Mars gives very good results. Native is courageous and just and usually a trader. Remedies 1 One should never sell one's ancestral property. Mars in 12th House This house is inhabited by Jupiter, so now both Mars and Jupiter will give good results. This is also considered as the "Pukka Ghar" of Rahu, so now Rahu will not trouble the native notwithstanding its position in native's horoscope.

Remedies 1 Take honey the first thing in the morning. Mercury Effects and Remedies In astrological parlance Mercury has been understood as an externally variable, vacillating, convertible, neutral and dualistic planet. Mercury reflects the mentality of an individual, governs the reaction to our senses and impressions and rules over the central nervous system. As an intellectual planet it represents intelligence, genius, analytic power and reproducibility.

Mercury is the smallest planet of the solar system. The author of Lal Kitab has compared Mercury with a bat, which keeps hanging upside down and pounces upon the face of a child at the first opportunity. The native fails to understand anything and meanwhile the mysterious and mischievous Mercury turns the cycle of fortune in the reverse gear. Mercury produces the effects of the planet or planets it is associated with.

Mercury is considered malefic in the 3rd, 8th, 9th and 12th houses. Rahu gives bad results in 1, 5, 7, 8 and 11th houses. If Mercury and Rahu both are in their auspicious houses then Mercury causes havoc in the natives houses and produces disastrous result like putting the native behind the bars or creating troubles of the same sort. Mercury is considered auspicious in the 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and the 7th houses and gives bad results when placed in the 3, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12th. Its colour is green and moon is its enemy. Sun Venus and Rahu are friends, whereas mars, Saturn, and Ketu are neutral to him.

It stands exalted in the 6th house and gets debilitated in the 12th house. If Mercury is placed alone in any house the native keeps running and wasting time here and there. Mercury in 1st House Mercury in 1st house makes the native kind, humorous and diplomatic with administrative skill. Such a native generally lives long and becomes selfish and mischievous by nature having special attraction for non-vegetarian dishes and drinks.

He receives favour from the government and his daughters have royal and luxurious lives. The relatives represented by the house in which sun is placed gain wealth and riches within a little time and he himself will be having many sources of income. If Sun is placed along with Mercury in the 1st house or if the Mercury is aspected by Sun the wife of native will come from a rich and noble family and will be good natured.

Such a native will be affected by the evil effects of Mars but Sun will never give bad effects. Rahu and Ketu will have evil effects, which suggests that the in laws and the offspring of the native will be adverse. If Mercury is in the 1st house, the native will be adept in the art of influencing others and he will live like a king. Malefic Mercury in the 1st house along with Moon in the 7th house destroy the native because of intoxication. Remedies 1 Keep away from the things of green colour and sisters in law.

Mercury in 2nd House Mercury in the 2nd house makes the native intelligent self centered, destroyer of enemies and cheats. He may be able to provide sufficient happiness to his father. The things represented by mars and Venus will prove beneficial to him. Remedies 1 Abstain from eggs meat and liquor. Mercury in 3rd House Mercury in the 3rd house is not considered good. Mercury is inimical to Mars. But Mars does not have enmity with Mercury.

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  • By virtue of its aspects of 9th and 11th houses Mercury affects the income and the condition of the father very adversely. Remedies 1 Clean your teeth with alum everyday. Mercury in 4th House The native in the 4th house is considered fortunate, very dear to his mother, good trader and receives favours from the government.

    However Mercury in this house effects the income and health of another person adversely. Remedies 1 Putting on silver chain for mental peace and golden chain for gaining wealth and property. Mercury in 5th House Mercury in this house makes the native happy, wealthy and wise. It gives very good results if the moon or any male planet is placed in 3rd, 5th, 9th and 11th houses, but if moon and Jupiter are not placed in good houses Mercury would provide malefic effects.

    Remedies 1 Wear a copper coin in white thread for obtaining riches. Mercury in 6th House Mercury becomes exalted in the 6th house. The native will be selfmade man and will receive benefits from agricultural land, stationery, printing press and trade. Good or evil words from his mouth will never go waste. North facing house will give bad results. Daughter's marriage in the north direction will make her unhappy in every way. Remedies 1 Burying a bottle filled with Ganga water into the agricultural land. Mercury in 7th House In a male horoscope, Mercury in the 7th house proves highly beneficial for others for whom the native wishes well.

    The pen of the native wields more power then the sword. The sister of the native's wife will prove highly helpful in every matter. If a Moon is placed in the 1st house, overseas journey will be advantageous. Saturn in the 3rd house will make the wife's family very rich. Remedies 1 Avoid any business in partnership. Mercury in 8th House Mercury gives very bad results in 8th house, but if it is placed along with a male planet it will give good effects of the associated planet.

    The native lives a hard life, victimized by diseases and during the age his income goes down by half. It is more harmful if some planet is placed in the 2nd house. If Rahu is also placed in the same house the native may have to go to jail, may have to be hospitalized or may have to wander from place to place. Bad results accrue if mars is also placed therein. Mercury here causes disfavour from the government and diseases like blood disorder, eye problem, tooth and vein troubles, as well as big loss in business.

    ** LAL KITAB OF MYM **

    Remedies 1 Get an earthen pot filled with honey and bury it in the cremation ground or deserted area. Mercury in 9th House Mercury provides very bad results in the 9th house also, because this house belongs to Jupiter and Mercury remains inimical to it. It causes continuous mental restlessness and defamation of various types.

    If moon, Ketu and Jupiter are placed in 1, 3, 6, 7, 9 and 11th houses, Mercury does not give very advantageous results. Remedies 1 Avoid the use of green colour. Jupiter Effects And Remedies Jupiter is a fiery, noble, benevolent, masculine, expansive, optimistic, positive and dignified planet.

    Gives good sources of livelihood. The business of such a native flourishes in a shermukhi house, but residency in such a house gives very bad result and can be disastrous. Remedies 1 Consumption of eggs, meat and liquor are strictly prohibited. Mercury in 11th House Mercury in this house gives bad results, because of enemity to Jupiter.

    At the age of 34 the native undertakes works of extreme foolishness. Even hard work is not awarded. Remedies 1 Wear copper coin in neck in a white thread or silver chain. Mercury in 12th House Mercury here destroys night's sleep of the native and causes troubles of many sorts. He loses peace of mind and very often suffers from headache. Saturn along with sun and Mercury in 12th house also gives good result. Daughters, sisters, father's sister and niece will be unhappy as long as they are living in the native's house.

    Such persons are generally self praising and of irritable nature. If something right or wrong goes into his mind, he will ensure to stick to it in every manner. If such a native is fond of taking liquor he will be of pretentious nature. Speculation in business will prove harmful. Marriage in the 25th year will prove harmful for the native's wife and father. Remedies 1 Throwing new empty pitcher in a river.

    Jupiter rules educational interests, law, religion, philosophy, banking, economics and indicates the extent of one's love and longing for religion, scriptures, elders and preceptors. He is also a signification of wealth, progress, philosophic nature, good conduct, health and children. He is regarded as 'Karaka' for 2nd, 5th and 9th houses.

    The sun, mars and moon are his friends, where as Mercury and Venus are enemies to him. Rahu, Ketu and Saturn adopt neutrality to him. He stands exalted in the 4th house and the 10th house is the house of his debilitation. Jupiter provides good results if placed in houses 1, 5, 8, 9 and 12, but 6th, 7th and the 10th are the bad houses for him. Jupiter gives bad results when Venus or Mercury get placed in the 10th house of a horoscope.

    However, Jupiter never gives bad results if placed alone in any house. A malefic Jupiter affects the ketu son very adversely. Jupiter offers malefic results if he is placed with Saturn, Rahu or ketu in a horoscope. Jupiter in 1st House Jupiter in the 1st house makes the native necessarily rich, even if he is deprived of learning and education. He will be healthy and never afraid of enemies. He will rise every 8th year of his life through his own efforts and with the help of friends in the government.

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    • If the 7th house is not occupied by any planet success and prosperity will come after the marriage of the native. Marriage or construction of a house with one's own earnings in the 24th or 27th year would prove inauspicious for the longevity of the father's life.

      Pakka ghar in astrology what does saturn

      Jupiter in 1st house along with the Saturn in the 9th house causes health problems for the native. Jupiter in the 1st house and Rahu in the 8th causes the death of the native's father because of heart attack or asthma. Remedies 1 Offer the things of Mercury, Venus and Saturn to the religious places. Jupiter in 2nd House The results of this house are affected by Jupiter and Venus as if they are together in this house, though Venus may be placed anywhere in the chart. Venus and Jupiter are inimical to each other.

      Hence both will affect each other adversely. Consequently, if the native engages himself in the trade of gold or jewelery, then the things of Venus like wife, wealth and property will get destroyed. As long as the wife of the native is with him, the native will continue gaining honour and wealth despite the fact that his wife and her family may be suffering because of ill health and other problems.

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      The native is admired by females and inherits the property of his father. He may be benefited by lottery or property of a person having no issues, if the 2nd, 6th and 8th houses are auspicious and Saturn is not placed in the 10th. Remedies 1 Charity and donations will ensure prosperity. Jupiter in 3rd House The Jupiter in the 3rd house makes the native learned and rich, who receives continuous income from the government all through his life. Saturn in the 9th makes the native live long, whereas if Saturn is placed in the 2nd the native becomes extremely clever and crafty.

      However Saturn is the 4th indicates that the native will be robbed of money and wealth by his friends. If Jupiter is accompanied by inimical planets in the 3rd the native is destroyed and becomes a liability on his closer ones. Remedies 1 Worship of Goddess Durga and offering sweets and fruits to small girls and obtaining their blessing by touching their feet. Jupiter in 4th House The 4th house belongs to Moon, a friend of Jupiter, who stands exalted in this house.

      Hence Jupiter here gives very good results and provides the native the powers of deciding the fate and fortune of others. He will possess money, wealth and large properties along with honour and favours from the government. In times of crisis the native will receive divine help. As he grows old his prosperity and money will increase.

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      How so ever if he has built a temple at home Jupiter will not give the above mentioned results and the native will have to face poverty and disturbed married life. Remedies 1 The native should not keep a temple in his house. Jupiter in 5th House This house belongs to Jupiter and Sun. Native's prosperity will increase after the birth of his son. In fact, more sons a native has, the more prosperous he will become. However if Mercury, Venus and Rahu is in 2nd, 9th, 11th or 12th houses then Jupiter sun and ketu will give bad results. If the native is honest and laborious then Jupiter will give good results.

      Remedies 1 Do not accept any donations or gifts. Jupiter in 6th House 6th house belongs to Mercury and Ketu also has its effect on this house. If Jupiter is benefic the native will be of pious nature. He will get everything in life without asking. Donations and offerings in the name of elders will prove beneficial. If Jupiter is in 6th and Ketu is benefic then native will become selfish.

      However, if Ketu is malefic in 6th house and Mercury is also malefic the native will be unlucky upto 34 years of age. Here Jupiter causes asthma to the native's father Remedies 1 Offer things connected with Jupiter in a temple. Jupiter in 7th House 7th house belongs to Venus, so it will give mixed results. The native will have rise in luck after marriage and native will be involved in religious works. The good result of the house will depend upon position of Moon. The native will never be a debtor and will have good children. And if the Sun is also in 1st house the native will be a good astrologer and lover of comforts.

      However if Jupiter is malefic in 7th house and Saturn is in the 9th the native will become a thief. If Mercury is in the 9th then his married life will be full of probelms. If Jupiter is malefic native will never get support from brothers and will be deprived of favours from the government. Jupiter in 7th house causes differences with the father.

      If so one should never donate clothes to anyone, otherwise one will certainly get reduced to extreme poverty. Remedies 1 Offer worship to lord Shiva. Jupiter in 8th House Jupiter does not give good results in this house, but one will get all the worldly comforts. In the time of distress, one will get help from god. Being religious will increase native's luck.

      As long as the native is wearing gold he will not be unhappy or ill. If there is Mercury, Venus or Rahu in 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th and 12th house, native's father will be ill and native himself will face loss of prestige. Remedies 1 Offer things connected with Rahu, like wheat, barley, coconut into running water. Jupiter in 9th House 9th house is especially influenced by Jupiter. The native will be true to his words and will have long life and have good children.

      In case Jupiter is malefic the native will have none of these qualities and will be atheistic. If the native has any planet inimical to Jupiter in the 1st, 5th and 4th house then Jupiter will give bad results. Remedies 1 One should go to temple everyday 2 Abstain from drinking alcohol.

      Jupiter in 10th House This house belongs to Saturn. So the native will have to imbibe the qualities of Saturn only then he will be happy. The native should be cunning and sly, only then the can enjoy the good results of Jupiter. If sun is in the 4th house Jupiter will give very good results. Venus and Mars in the 4th house ensure multi-marriages for the native. If friendly planets are placed in the 2nd, 4th and 6th houses, Jupiter provides highly beneficial results in matters of money and wealth.

      A malefic Jupiter in the 10th makes the native sad and impoverished. He is deprived of ancestral properties, wife and children. Remedies 1 Clean your nose before beginning any work. Jupiter in 11th House Jupiter in this house affects the things and relatives of his enemies Mercury, Venus and Rahu very adversely. Consequently, the wife of the native will remain miserable.

      Similarly, sisters, daughters and father's sisters will also remain unhappy. The native will be a debtor even if Mercury is well placed. The native will be comfortable only as long as his father lives with him in a joint family along with brothers, sisters and mother. Remedies 1 Always keep gold on your body. Jupiter in 12th House The 12th house would provide the combined influences of Jupiter and Rahu, who are inimical to each other. If the native observes good conduct, wishes good for all and observes religious practices he will become happy and enjoy a comfortable sleep at night.

      He would become wealthy and powerful. Abstaining from evil acts of Saturn will make the business of machinery, motor, trucks and cars highly beneficial to him. Remedies 1 Avoid furnishing false evidence in any matter. Venus Effects And Remedies As a feminine planet, Venus has been regarded as the goddess of love, marriage, beauty and all worldly comforts.

      Venus represents that power of love which leads to the merger of two individual selves into one and rules the gentle and refined attributes of human life. As a preceptor of demons, Venus stands for the husband in the horoscope of a female and represents the wife in the horoscope of a male. Venus offers good results if placed alone in the birth chart. The 2nd and 7th houses are owned by Venus who gets exalted in the 12th house. Venus offers very good results if posited in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th and 12th houses, but the 1st, 6th and 9th houses are considered bad for Venus.

      Accordingly, Venus offers very good results in the houses of Mercury, Saturn and Ketu, whereas evil effects will follow if posited in the houses of Sun, Rahu and Moon. When Rahu aspects Venus or vice versa, or when both are placed together in a house, the good results of Venus will be nullified and the native will get deprived of money, wealth and family comforts altogether. The eyes of the native's, mother will become severely defective if Moon and Venus are placed just opposite to each other. Afflicted Venus causes trouble in the eyes, diseases of the ovaries, gout, anaemia and other complications due to over indulgence in amusements and sex, including gonorrhoea and syphilis.

      An afflicted Venus may cause vehicular accidents, faithlessness in love and marriage and will deprive the native of the comforts of vehicles, conveyance etc. Venus in 1st House Venus in 1st house makes the native highly handsome, long lived, sweet tongued and popular among the opposite sex. Wife of the native remains ill. Religion, caste or creed is never a bar for having sexual relations with anyone.

      Such a native is generally highly romantic by nature and longs for love and sex with other women. He gets married before he starts earning his living. Such a native becomes a leader of persons of his age group, but leadership of the family members causes several family troubles. Such a native earns great profits through the trade of clothes. Such a native is generally deprived of interest in religious pursuits. When Venus comes in 7th house in Varsha phal, it causes chronic fever and blood cough. Remedies 1 Do not marry at the age of 25 years.

      Venus in 2nd House Doing bad or evil towards others would prove harmful to the native. Money, wealth and property would continue to grow upto sixty years. Shermukhi house wider at the front than the rear portion would prove disastrous for the native. Business or trade associated with gold and jewellery will be extremely harmful. Business associated with earthen goods, agriculture and animal will prove highly beneficial.

      Venus in 2nd second house in a female horoscope renders the native barren or infertile and in a male 's horoscope makes the wife incapable of producing a son. Remedies 1 For getting a son, intake of things associated with Mars like honey, Saunf or deshi Khand will be highly effective. Venus in 3rd House Here Venus blesses the native with a charming personality and every woman would get attracted to him. He is generally loved by all. If the native gets involved with other women he will have to live in subservience to his wife, otherwise his wife will always be dominated by him, though she may be dominating everyone else coming into contact with her.

      She would be courageous, supportive and helpful to the native like second bullock of the cart. He will be saved from deceit, theft and harm from others. Contacts with other women would prove harmful and affect the longevity adversely. They on there part will not promote or cause any bad effects. This is a enormous thing in Lal Kitab. Each planet has his own friends who behave in a friendly way. In such a case the two planets, although friends may not remain the true friends. The behavior of the former will be suspected.

      The planet shall be known as matching planets. Sun and Mars are friends. Mars would be called a matching planet to Sun. Both can harm each other. The Satvika planets motivate the natal into being honest, kind hearted, soft spoken and ardent devotee. The Rajsika planets inspire the man to become an artist and famous. He is involved in the world of domestic family life. The Tamsika planet makes the person hot tempered, deceitful, foolish, lazy, etc. Mercury is in itself an auspicious planet, but it becomes an evil with wicked planets.

      It becomes all the more wicked if placed with auspicious planets. Moon is also primarily an auspicious planet but from the sixth day of Krishna Pakash to Amavasya the strength of Moon is less powerful. From Pratipada of Shukla Paksha to the tenth day it's power is of medium strength. From eleventh day of Shukla Paksha to fifth day of Krishna Paksha it is in its full form, i.

      Jupiter is a divine teacher guru while Venus is a devil teacher guru. Venus helps people in acquiring materialistic values while Jupiter helps the person in obtaining spiritual values. Venus makes the person selfish while Jupiter inspires him to think of the well being of others. Although Saturn is cruel but its ultimate result is good.

      Just as gold emerges out sparkling after being burnt in the furnace of fire, Saturn purifies the man by means of punishments. It has an effect of catharsis, the man emerges as a free and pious man after getting liberated of the evil deed. Mars, on the other hand, fills the man with excitement and cheerfulness; the man is inspired by egoistic feelings which drive him to evil and violent deeds. On the basis of aspect Straight aspect urdhua : Sun, Mars.

      Our Services. Vaastu International. Style Switcher. Friends and Foes of Planets Normally we find that the seven planets are friendly with the planets which fall into 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12th position from their original triangular zodiac. Planets individually equal to. Auspicious planets Moon, Mercury, Ketu and Jupiter are serially most auspicious planets.

      Difference between the effect of Jupiter and Venus Jupiter is a divine teacher guru while Venus is a devil teacher guru. Difference between the cruelty of Saturn and Mars Although Saturn is cruel but its ultimate result is good.